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Humble Beginnings Outreach Center

Help Us Build Our Future



Our Humble Team believes our facility will be a bright spot for the Northeast Community and all of Jacksonville. We have a wonderful leadership team who understands many of the factors that youth and families are struggling with in today’s climate. Without support we would not be able to carry out our mission for Humble Bee Ginnings Inc and Humble Horizons Inc.  It will be our joy one day to say doctors, lawyers, pastors, police officers, teachers, engineers, professional athletes, etc. came through our facility or programs. 

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Outreach Center Donations are NOT Tax Deductible


Building may have variation from listed picture

Many have asked what they can do to help


  • We welcome contributions made to our nonprofit (Humble Horizons Inc) “supports programs” (qualifies for charitable donations)  (donation can be made online)


  • We welcome contributions made to support the construction of the facility or its operations. (contribution can be made online)


  • We welcome volunteers for the construction of the facility. (Instruction for volunteers will be given by contractor)


  • We Welcome volunteers for Humble Horizons Inc events or programs. Volunteer must be able to pass a (DCFS) Department of Children and Family Services background check.


  • Larger donations towards the facility may qualify for “Naming Opportunities” for Facility rooms (contact Sam or Terry for more information) (contribution can be made online)

  • We welcome any donation towards the facility or programs large or small. We believe this facility will change lives and greatly impact our city. To learn more about our project please feel free to contact us.

Samuel Holmes Jr                                                                                                                        Terry Grant

CEO/Founder                                                                                                                               Director of Communications

Humble Bee Ginnings Inc.                                                                                                           Humble Bee Ginnings Inc  

Humble Horizons Inc                                                                                                                    Humble Horizons Inc

217-370-8357                                                                                                                                 217-204-4991                                                                                               

“In this family, we want everyone to win”


Mail To

Humble Beginnings Outreach Center

P.O. Box 1382

Jacksonville, IL 62651


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

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Outreach Center Donations are NOT Tax Deductable

In Person

Give in person

see any board member for Assistance 

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