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Humble Bee Ginnings Inc.

Current Services

Coming Soon

  • Real Estate, buy,sell, rent

  • Moving services 

  • Odd job assistance

  • Humble merchandise (sales)

  • Cleaning services 

  • Fitness Center and Sports Camps

  • Men's and Women's Basketball

  • Youth Sports

  • Men's and Women's Volleyball

  • Parties, Vendors and Arts

  • Much more coming soon....!


To provide excellent service for your housing, cleaning, moving, or odd job needs.




Real Estate Investor:  We are in business to buy, sell, or rent property. There are resources available to help assist with financing to purchase a home or property.


Odd job assistance: Let us know about your odd job, we will let you know how we can help (we can work with any budget)


Moving Services: Need to move to a new home, apartment, or just need help moving items inside facility, “No worries” let the “Humble Bee Team” take care of it for you. Our crew works fast and efficient. Your belongings will be moved and cared for in a safe, professional manner. We can work with any budget.


Cleaning Services: Don’t have enough time, need help, need cleaning for an event, etc, “No Worries” We can work with any budget to take care of your indoor/outdoor cleaning needs


Hauling Services: Tired of seeing items in and around your home or place of business just laying around? Let the “Humble Bee Team” help you. Contact us with any hauling needs. We can work with any budget. 


Mail To

Humble Bee Ginnings Inc

P.O. Box 1382

Jacksonville, IL 62651


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see any board member for Assistance 

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