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Humble Horizons Sisters Circle

Humble Horizons Sister Circle is a program that encourages sisterhood, self-love, self-awareness, and builds a sense of responsibility, not to just self, but to our community and our fellow sister.  The program offers female mentoring through group sessions, community volunteering, girl’s night out (organized outings), and team building activities.  The program is designed to give young ladies an opportunity to engage with positive women that live by the mentality that “we are not just our sister’s keeper, we are our sister” and serve their community in various educational, career,  and service backgrounds.  

This program is a great opportunity to get involved with a positive group of women that understand the importance of having positive guidance, support, mentoring, and resources.  From this program, young ladies can be linked to spiritual, educational, and emotional support. Humble Horizons- Sister Circle promotes humility, unity, maturity, leadership, and education by the teaching the importance of rising to our greatest potential in every area of life.   
We are pleased to provide this program at no cost. Our Sister Circle Coordinator is dedicated to supporting the youth in rising to their greatest potential and will work hard to provide opportunities for growth and sisterhood to all female youth. 

For more information and sign-up please contact:

Syretha Murray

Vice President

PH:(217) 416-8305

Lindia Holmes


PH: (217) 370-0291

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