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About Us

Humble Bee Ginnings Inc. Mission: To provide excellent service for your housing, cleaning, moving, or odd job needs.

Humble Bee Ginnings Inc. was birthed in 2018 to expand the existing work of Samuel Holmes Jr as a real estate investor since 2005. Samuel and Linda have bought, sold, and rented homes in the Jacksonville area. With growing needs for assistance through housing, cleaning, moving, and odd job assistance, “The Humble Bee” was a name that people trust who serves humbly with integrity. Our work is crafted with our “All Things HUMBLE” mentality.

As we began assisting customers with their needs or referring resources, “The Humble Bee” would love to work with you.

The “Humble Bee team” is not only committed to the business side of things but also committed to community through our “Humble Horizons” Nonprofit.

We Need Your Support Today!

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