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Career Networking Program

Horizons Career and Networking Program provides one on one or group sessions to help you find solutions for a career path. We have Resource Advocates that are excited about helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. This program is for individuals in high school and up. Not only can we help steer you into the right career path, we can connect you with someone who is already in a particular field of interest.

This program is designed to also surround clients with Horizons Resource Advocates from various backgrounds, career, networking, military, business, and educational fields. 

We Can Help Provide

  • Fill out Job Applications online

  • Provide business start-up information

  • Military career information

  • College Visits

  • Networking (with other businesses, professionals, Community leaders, colleges, etc)

  • Work referrals

For more information and sign- up please contact:


   Terry Grant

   Director of Communications

   PH: (217) 204-4991


   Samuel Holmes Jr


   PH: (217) 370-8357


Horizons Career and Networking Program is a great opportunity to gain insight to push for growth and plan for your future. Our team will treat you with respect and dignity. We will encourage you to reach your dreams.

We are pleased to provide this program at no cost. Our Resource Advocates are very knowledgeable and will work hard to provide you with positive experiences through finding resources, networking, and guidance.

“In this family we want everyone to Win”

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