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Male Involvement Program

Humble Horizons Male Involvement is a program that encourages and builds a brotherhood of Men ages 18 and up that look to build a sense of community, family, and brotherhood. This program is about growth with an, “I am My Brother’s Keeper” mentality. This program is designed to also surround men with positive role models from various backgrounds, career, and educational fields. 

Humble Men Activities Include:

  • Volunteer community service events

  • Speakers

  • Organized activities, ball games, mentoring,

  • Fishing trips

  • Networking

  • Work referrals 

For more information and sign- up please contact:

Terry Grant

Director of Communications

PH: (217) 204-4991


Samuel Holmes Jr


PH: (217) 370-8357


This program is a great opportunity to get involved with a positive group of men who understands how important it is to be a father, son, grandfather, uncle, husband, or a mentor. From this program Humble Men can be linked to necessary resources for business, educational, labor related, or spiritual concerns. Humble Horizons Male Involvement Program promotes unity by teaching the importance of “community” to strive to erase negative stereotypes that continue to plague many men.

​​We are pleased to provide this program at no cost. Our Male Involvement Coordinator is very knowledgeable and will work hard to provide positive experiences and opportunities for Men within the program.

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