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Mick Walls

Board Memeber


Mick Walls is a long time Jacksonville High School graduate of Class of 1994. Mick
is well known for his successful seasons of basketball and for being a positive role
model for his community. He attended Springfield College of Illinois and at
Waubonsee Community College. He worked for Corrections of Illinois for eight
years and worked at Morgan County Sheriff’s Department for a few years as a
correctional officer. He is currently working as USPS city carrier of Jacksonville. He
also assists coaching for high school boys as well coaches for the youth of Humble
Horizons. His most memorable achievement is being a dad and a husband. He
married Desa Walls in July of 2021. He has three children and three stepchildren.
He enjoys playing cornhole, golfing, and traveling, He has a long-term goal of
making a positive difference for the community, family, and himself. His favorite
quote: “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.”

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